We offer quality health and wellness services and programs to 
facilitate a programmed maintenance of  your most valuable asset, your staff. 


Promoting Wellness in the Workplace

Incorporating health promotion activities into the workplace creates a positive and caring environment
as well as improved staff morale and productivity, reduced staff turnover and absenteeism and fewer
healthcare and insurance costs.
We are dedicated to providing a service that is professional, efficient and custom designed to meet your
workplace requirements. 




Program Overview

Health Checks

Our Health Assessment packages are designed to cater for a wide variety of business types and budgets. Packages can be tailored to meet the requirements of your business goals and objectives.

Program Models

Each of our programs are modelled on four specific guidelines of health; Physiological, Pathological, Preventative and Lifestyle. Each program varies in depth of evaluation and analysis and can be tailored to suit your business objectives.

Our Health Assessment Programs provide a comprehensive evaluation to give participants an understanding of their current health status and help to identify any areas of risk. 


Skin Checks

The workplace is a great environment for engaging people in skin cancer education, prevention & early detection. Education and promotion of skin health awareness is the key to reducing skin cancer incidence and morbidity.

Skin Health Safety

Our qualified and experienced Medical Practitioners perform 15 minute, full body examinations using advanced digital dermoscopy techniques. Participants are given immediate feedback on the results of their skin check and receive a copy of their personal assessment findings

Flu Vaccination Clinics

Flu vaccination is the best protection we currently have against Influenza and is an outstanding way to reduce sick leave, increase productivity, protect your business, and show your staff you care.

Your Best Protection

Our team of experienced and Accredited Division One, Registered Immunisation Nurses are trained in specialist administration of the Influenza vaccine.

We are committed to providing your business with a high quality, cost-effective onsite workplace flu vaccination program to ensure your team stays strong and healthy throughout the flu season.


Our Objective

We are a team of medical professionals who are genuinely passionate about health and wellness.
With experience spanning over 12 years, we have professional experience in the corporate, hospital and community environments. We fully understand and appreciate the importance of maintaining the wellness of your group and staff, has a direct and profound impact on the wellness of your business.
Our aim is to inspire, energise and connect your team to help maintain the peak health and functioning of your group so that they can enjoy life both at work and at home.